- Day 1 -

From Rhodes to Symi

About 25 sea miles

In the scenic harbour of Symi moorings are to be found at the northern quays. Normally you tie up the boat at the bow or the stern but you have to take into account that you must not interfere with the ferries’ access.

There are many pubs, electricity and water as well as further facilities to supply. Hotel at 6-10m water depths.

Alternatively you can also anchor in Pedi (36° 36,95′ N; 027° 51,70′ E), a deep fjord like bay. It is quieter there, but the moorings at the quay in front of the Pedi Beach Hotel are limited. The anchorage of the tanker supplying Symi with water must be kept clear. There are more moorings at a new quay in the north of the bay. Or you anchor in the area of the pier in front of the Pedi Beach.

In the bay there are two pubs and the Pedi Beach Hotel, which offers showering facilities and breakfast for hungry crews. There is a small supermarket, too. Apart from that supply is hardly possible.

In a few minutes time you can reach the capital Symi by bus. The bay in front of the cloister Panormitis at the south-western side of the island is very pretty and romantic.

After the day visitors have left it becomes cosy. The number of moorings at the jetty is limited. In summer the anchorages in the bay are well frequented. The bay is well protected. The sea floor is perfect for anchors and there is a small tavern, too.

- Day 2 -

From Symi to Kos

About 38 sea miles

The best way From Symi to Kos is through the Strait between Symi and Nimos especially if you come from Symi or Pedi. You save some miles. The passage is safe. Water depth in the shipping channel is at least 4 m. In the Marina of Kos moorings have to be reserved in advance you have to register on channel 77 and will be instructed. At the quay you receive mooring lines.

Kos Marina is said to be one of the best Marinas in Greece and offers the full range of supply, lots of pubs and a supermarket delivering to your boat. It is just about 10-15 minutes walk to the nearby Old Town and fortress. Alternatively you may anchor in the old harbour of Kos (36° 53,84′ N; 027° 17,34′ E). You moor bow or stern side at the eastern quay. Particularly in summer the harbour is well attended and it is not easy to find a nice spot. In the harbour and its surroundings there are plenty pubs and restaurants as well as supplying facilities. There are daily ferries between Kos and Rhodes and Athens. Furthermore Kos has got an airport. During the season there are international flights.

- Day 3 -

From Kos to Kalymnos

About 19 sea miles

The island of Kalymnos and its main port Pothia (36° 56,84′ N; 026° 59,69′ E) is a paradise for sponge divers. Yachts tie up bow or stern side at the town quay. There are water and electricity, supermarkets, all kind of supplying facilities and lots of pubs and restaurants.

A few miles northeast of Pothia there is the fjord-like bay of Vathy (36° 58,6′ N; 027° 02,0′ E). You anchor bow or stern towards the quay. The bay is fairly narrow and the number of anchorages is limited. Unfortunately supply facilities are scarce. You have to dispense with water and there is not always electricity available onshore. However there are some taverns at the crest of the bay and a hotel that offers shower facilities and has got a good cuisine

- Day 4 -

From Kalymnos to Leros

About 20 sea miles

The approach to the big natural harbour of Lakki (37° 06,72′ N; 026° 49,78′ E) is from the west. You can see 7 windmills on a mountain ridge. In the northeast of the bay there is the Leros (or Evros) Marina that belongs to a shipyard. Anchorages must be reserved in advance. Registration on channel 10.

In the northwest of the bay there is the Lakki Marina. According to instruction you moor either bow or stern side. There are mooring lines. You can get in touch with Lakki Marina on channel 11. At the Town Quay you can moor bow or stern side. Nearby there are pubs and supply facilities. There is a daily ferry to Rhodes and Piräus, too.

- Day 5 -

From Leros to Nisyros

About 40 sea miles

The main harbour of Nisyros, Mandraki, is not recommendable. It is better to try and find a mooring in the beautiful small port of Paloi (pronounced Pali) (36° 37,24′ N; 027° 10,3′ E).

Coming from the west the harbour is hardly visible. Access is from the east. The entry is slightly silted. In some places the water depth is only about two and a half meter. It is best to enter close to the northern pier. You can moor at the northern or southern pier (town pier) bow or stern side. There is electricity and water at the quay. However the harbour master, in May and June 2015 still directing the boats, was not there any more in July. Showering and washing facilities you can find in the Tavera “Aphrodite”, where you can have an affordable meal, too.

You can explore the volcanic island of Nisyros by bus or rental car.

A visit of the volcanic cater is worth while. If the weather is nice you have a fantastic view at the surrounding islands. We also recommend a visit of the little villages in the mountains Emporios and Nikia.

- Day 6 -

From Nisyros to Tilos

About 18 sea miles

Having visited the crater there is still enough time for a crossing to the neighbour island Tilos. At the east coast of Tilos there is the bay of Livadia with its tiny port (36° 25,02′ N; 027° 23,18′ E) and ferry dock.

In the port yachts can moor bow or stern side at the (east) town quay or alongside at the west quay. In the bay east of the port you may anchor without any problem. Having extremely good weather you can even moor bow, stern or alongside at the outside of the jetty. However you have to take care that the ferry dock has to be kept clear. Most of the time, but unfortunately not always, there is electric and water supply. In the small village there are some Tavernas and you can buy food. We recommend the Taverna “Mixalis” as we have had only good experiences so far.

- Day 7 -

From Tilos to Rhodes (Mandraki)

About 40 sea miles

It is a slightly longer reach which can easily be achieved with following sea. In case of head wind it might make sense to move along the Rhodes airport and follow the north island to the far end.

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