Sailing Area

The seas surrounding Rhodes Island are a sailor paradise, offering crystal clear waters, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history.

Between the Turkish west coast and Crete there is one of the most beautiful sailing areas of the world. Lots of small islands provide with secure harbours and scenic bays to anchor. The area is relatively wind proof and the sea is usually crystal clear. Even in pre or after season the temperatures are quite pleasant.

Start your sailing trip from our base at Rhodes. Every night you can stay in charming harbours or head for lonely bays. You can choose relaxing day trips of about 12 to 30 sea miles from island to island or more challenging sportive routes.

In this sailing area you should be particularly cautious too. The word ‘Meltemi’ derives from the Turkish language and means breeze or soft wind, but sometimes happens that in longer periods the sea between the islands can be fairly rough. Sometimes it may be quite turbulent and definitely you have to expect awkward down gusts. In any case check the weather forecast! Planning your trip you should consider that in summer months the ‘Meltemi’ blows relatively constant from NW/W.


In the summer months it is stronger and more constant and blows at 4 -6 Beaufort. In May and June it just appears occasionally and from Mid-September it slowly decreases. The ‘Meltemi’ can be deflected between the islands. Around Rhodes it mainly blows from west. Between the islands further north it often blows from northwest. In summer down gusts must be expected at the leeside of the islands. Especially between Karpathos and Rhodes a rough sea will develop with a longer lasting ‘Meltemi’.

In spring and autumn the wind often blows at 2 – 4 Beaufort, possibly a bit more, from the southeast. In Winter the prevailing wind direction is southeast. There can be single storms too, which may arise from all directions. Planning your trip you should consider allowing enough extra time for the routes north or northwest.


Wind and Water Surfing

Wake and Skim Boarding

Jet and Barefoot Skiing