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the sailing area

The breathtaking sailing area

Here you will find the fundamental information on the sailing area, weather and a general view on the Dodekan Island World. In the summer months the prevailing wind is the so called ‘Meltemi’ from northwest to west direction, which normally brings good weather. At constantly 4 to 6 Beaufort it brings a pleasantly cooling effect in the mostly hot temperatures. Within longer periods ‘Meltemi’ brings rough seas into the area between Karpathos and Rhodes. It can well be possible that ‘Meltemi’ constantly blows at 5 to 7 Beaufort – without any short break. This stands for ideal conditions for windsurfers. On the other hand in summer we yachtsmen have to face down gusts at the leeward side of the islands. You can find a weather table further down together with the regional information.

the sailing area

information about the sailing area

Information about the sailing area, wind and weather conditions

Between the Turkish west coast and Crete there is one of the most beautiful sailing areas of the world. Lots of small islands provide with secure harbours and scenic bays to anchor. The area is relatively...

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the islands of the dodekanes

Dodekanes or Southern Sporades

The group of islands from the Turkish coast west towards Crete is called Dodekanes (Greek: dodeka = 12). Capital and administrative centre is Rhodes. The biggest and most famous islands besides Rhodes are Kos and Karpathos...

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