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Inspiring recommendations for trips in the Dodekanes area

Leisurely from island to island or ambitious – each according to his desire. We are pleased to help developing your own trip plans. The most important is, that you will find out, what is best for you! You may leasurely sail from harbour to harbour, sometimes take a half days break and visit an island or enjoy lonely bays in peace and quiet, providing for yourself. In what follows you will find a couple of suggestions for sailing trips. We look forward to your personal reports or individual appraisal for the trip. Moreover your own trip plans are surely welcome here. Just send it in and we will include it. Before long we will present even more suggestions for trips.

our suggestions for sailing cruises

a rather comfortable cruise

Via Symi to Nysiron and via Tilos to Chalki and back

This cruise leads us from Rhodes to Symi and to Nysiros. Via Tilos to Chalki we return to Rhodes.

a 7-day-yacht-trip from harbour to harbour

Via Kos to Leros and back via Nisyros.

This tour leads us from Rhodes to Symi and then via Kos and Kalymnos to Leros. The way back is via the volcano island of Nisyros and Tilos


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If you want to share your favourite sailing cruise with other sailors, just send it to us and we will implement it here.

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