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the island rhodes

Follow us around the Rhodes island along the coast

Rhodes is the largest and most important island in the Dodecanese. Already in ancient Greece, Rhodes was a major trading center. In medieval times, the island was owned by the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John. Since 1523 Rhodes became part of the Ottoman Empire. The rhodians took part in the liberation of the Greek army (1821–1829), but the military did not have a large number of representatives of the Turkish population and the base of the combined Turkish-Egyptian-Algerian fleet. In 1912, after the defeat of the Turks during the Italian-Turkish war, Italy gets Rhodes. Italians control the island until 1943. Since 1945, Rhodes, British protectorate. By the Paris Agreement of 1947, the British go to the transfer of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. In 1948, Rhodes was reunited with Greece. Below you will see all the sights which you dont have to miss.

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A famous destination for bathers and divers

Kallithea is a well-equipped resort founded by Italian occupiers. It is located just a few kilometers south of the city of Rhodes. Here is a beautiful, well-visited bathing bay. In the summer it can be a bit crowded, as the bay is a famous place for sailors. Near the bay of Kallithea you can find three picturesque rocky bays (Nikolaos, Thassos and Oasis).

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Anthony Quinn and Ladiko

Picturesque bays

In the direction to Faliraki with its long sandy beach, you can stay in the picturesque bays of Anthony Quinn and Ladiko. Here, in the crystal clear waters you can go diving. Next is a mile-long pebble beach Afandou, which was awarded the blue flag. Near the promenade is the only golf course on the island. Next, you should visit the popular sandy beach of Tsambika and Stegna Bay. Before you arrive at the most famous tourist attraction of Rhodes - Lindos, you will have the opportunity to refresh on the beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Agathi.

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The acropolis of Lindos

Sailing closer, on the top of the hill you will see a majestic fortress (Acropolis of Lindos), whitewashed houses meandering along the slope, as well as the picturesque bay of Lindos. It is very hot in the summer, but nevertheless, this fact does not stop a myriad of tourists from exploring the stunning beauty of the surroundings of Lindos. The farther you head south, the more deserted and calm the coast becomes until you reach the southernmost point of the island, a paradise for surfers, Prasonisi.

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Surfers paradise and "kiss of two seas"

Prasonisi is a "kiss of two seas" and a real paradise for surfers. A constant northwest wind called the Meltemi reaches peak wind speeds during the summer months and makes it possible for surfers and kitesurfers to show their sporting ambitions.

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Fortress close to Monolitos village

Remains of the former fortification of the Order of St. John

Now we are heading to the west coast. The coast here is becoming more deserted and wild. Leaving the village Appolakia, an ideal starting point for hiking, we reach the fortress close to the village of Monolithos. Here are the remains of the former fortification of the Order of St. John. The fortress is located on a mighty rock and offers a magnificent panorama of the neighboring island Halki.

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Harbour Kamiros Skala

Straits to Halki island

About 10 kilometers from the ancient Kamiros, there is a small harbor called Kamiros Skala, which connects Rhodes with the island Halki.

(The picture shows the harbour in Halki)

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The ancient kingdom Kamiros

The city was founded by the Dorians, like Ialysos and Lindos. Kamiros was an agricultural settlement. However, with the founding of the city of Rhodes in 408 BC, residents began to gradually leave Kamiros. Archaeological finds show that in the 4th century BC there was already a small city on this site, which subsequently was completely empty.

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Butterfly valley "Petaludes"

Romance in the craggy butterfly-valley

From June to September, millions of butterflies flock in a small, rocky, romantic valley called "Petaloudes". It is believed that it is the resin of the Thorax trees growing here that attracts butterflies of this particular species. Hurry up to enjoy a walk through this stunning park.

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Filerimos mountain

interesting historical and architectural reserve

On the hill of Filerimos there are many historical sights of different times: the ancient Acropolis, the ruins of the temple of Zeus and Athena, medieval castles, christian churches. In one place you will get acquainted with the natural beauties of Rhodes and you can trace the history of the island, starting from antiquity and ending with our days.

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