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The island, the town of Rhodes and the harbours

Rhodes is the fourth biggest Greek island and the main island of the group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea called Dodekanes. The corresponding Historic Town Centre and the villages of Rhodes are rich of historic sights. Since 1988 the Historic Town Centre of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Various cultures have left their marks. Aside from the Historic Town Centre of Rhodes you can find lots of different sights on the island, like the Akropolis of Lindos, the peninsula Prasonisi, a paradise for surfer, or the butterfly-valley of Petaludes, which owes its name to the variegated diversity of butterflies living here. In what follows we will introduce the island to you, showing a small selection of sights, the Town of Rhodes and its Historic Centre, the most important harbours and the New Town of Rhodes with numerous shopping facilities, insiders’ tips and sights you definitely should not miss.

about rhodes

seventh heaven rhodes

Follow us around the island of Rhodes along the coast

Rhodes is the biggest and most important island within the Dodekanes. Already in ancient Greece Rhodes was a major trading centre. In Medieval Times it was shaped by the Order of St. John...

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the town of rhodes

A journey through the town and its history

The town of rhodes is in the north of the island. The town is practically split. The old city centre i surrounded by high walls, which were...

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the harbours of rhodes

In the north of the island

The timeless home port Mandraki and the modern harbour Rhodes Marina.

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