- Day 1 -

From Rhodes to Symi

About 24 sea miles

Starting early from Rhodes you can reach Symi’s harbour within 3,5 – 4,5 hours. In the scenic harbour of Symi you will find moorings at the north side. Normally you moor your bow or the stern at the quay. You have to mind not to interfere with the ferries anchorages. Then you have got plenty of time to explore the scenic small town. There are lots of tavernas, electricity, water and other facilities to supply.

Alternatively you can also anchor in Pedi (36° 36,95′ N; 027° 51,70′ E), a deep fjord like bay. It is quieter there, but the moorings at the quay in front of the Pedi Beach Hotel are limited. There are more moorings at a new quay in the north of the bay and a new, small marina with plenty of facilities. You can also anchor in the area of the pier in front of the Pedi Beach Hotel.

In a few minutes time you can reach the capital Symi by bus.
The bay in front of the cloister Panormitis at the south-western side of the island is very pretty and romantic.

- Day 2 -

From Symi to Nisyros

About 32 sea miles

The best way from Symi to Nisyros is through the strait between Symi and Nimos especially if you come from Symi or Pedi. The passage is safe. Water depth in the shipping channel is at least 4 m. The main harbour of Nisyros, Mandraki, is not recommendable. It is better to try and find a mooring in the small port of Paloi (pronounced Pali) (36° 37,24′ N; 027° 10,3′ E).

Coming from the west the harbour is hardly visible. Access is from the east. The entry is slightly silted. In some places the water depth is only about two and a half meter. It is best to enter close to the northern pier. You can moor at the northern or southern pier (townpier) bow or stern side. There is electricity and water at the quay. You can explore the volcanic island of Nisyros by bus or rental car.

- Day 3 -

From Nisyros to Tilos

About 18 sea miles

At the east coast of Tilos there is the bay of Livadia with its tiny port (36° 25,02′ N; 027° 23,18′ E) and ferry dock.

In the port yachts can moor bow or stern side at the (east) Town quay or alongside at the west quay. In the bay east of the port you may anchor without any problem. However you have to take care that the ferry dock has to be kept clear. There is electricity and water supply. In the small village there are some Tavernas and you can buy food.

- Day 4 -

From Tilos to Chalki

About 16 sea miles

Especially after the day trippers from Rhodes have left, you have a calm and pleasant time at this small and rocky island.

Approaching by night is not advisable, as there are a few shoals at the entry. In summer time you can moor either at a mobile pier or at the Town Quay. However there you have to warp immediately when the ferry arrives.

Another possibility is to anchor in the bay opposite to the uninhabited island of Alimia. Your reward is a beautiful view at Chalki and Rhodes.

- Day 5 -

From Chalki to Alimia and Panormitis

About 24 sea miles

For the last day, we recommend a quiet, idyllic cove, the uninhabited islet opposite Halki, called Alimia. You can anchor in the bay, but there are no facilities.

You can either spend the night there, or visit the picturesque monastery of Panormitis at the southwest side of Symi for overnight stay.

- Day 6 -

From Panormitis to Rhodes (Mandraki)

About 18 sea miles

On the last day it is good to start your trip in the morning, so that you arrive early in the afternoon at your destination, the home port Mandraki (36° 45,06′ N; 28° 22,78′ E). Then, you will have enough time to enjoy your stay in Rhodes island!

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